Northern Lights – Vancouver

It’s looking like a very good stellar show will occur later tonight into Saturday morning. Earth is being hit by not one but two back to back solar storms. One of them very high on the intensity scale. This will no doubt cause a massive Northern lights or Aurora Borealis as it’s proper name is to be seen as far south as Washington State in the West and New York in the East. I imagine it is best to get away from the city lights so, Chilliwack and beyond would be my suggested viewing locations.

Additionally it might be a good night to unplug electronics you don’t want fried. While unlikely to it’s a remote risk. The power grid is also at risk so ensuring anything that uses batteries for a back up or should have battery back up get tested or implemented. In October of 2003 a series of solar storms damaged power grids in Europe and Africa. GPS and compasses can be affected to for those planning on going for a hike or a drive.