Vaccination Roll out in Canada

I think the vaccination of the general public based on age is a mistake. I believe we can do better with a more effective targeted roll out. The key people that need to be vaccinated first should be care home employees and care home residence first. Followed by first responders and medical staff. After this we need targeted vaccinations based on positions which would be prison guards and those that directly interact with the prison (not prisoners). If you protect those that can introduce it into the prison then you shouldn’t have a outbreak in a the prison. Next should be jobs that the public interact with people. Dentists and hair stylists. Tattoo artists, masseuse and those with direct close contact with customers. Then cashiers and so on. Once all the public job positions are vaccinated you are protecting all the age groups from public exposure then you can go with a general vaccination of the public base don age groups. The reason I believe this is better is because you get more bang for your buck by taking out general public transmission. If you go with age groups only, then the sources of infection, people in this employment positions will continue to infect people of all ages.