Windows 10 release date and more

My Computer has alerted me to the free upgrade through Windows Notification area and it appears Windows 10 is available on July 29th of this year. You can reserve your free copy via email. Now I wonder how this works with people who have more then one computer like myself.

windows10message windows10message2

Installing Skype on a 64bit Debian Box

Installing 32 bit Skype on a 64 bit Debian Box

Skype only comes in 32 bit so for any one that installs Debian 64 bit they will need to do a little work to get Skype up and running.

First thing you want to do is obtain Skype. You can do this at Go to Downloads and select “Choose your distribution” and pick from the drop down menu “Debian 7.0 (Multiarch)”

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 5.44.51 PM


After you have it downloaded you need to open up Terminal

su (so you are root, you will need your root password)

dpkg –add-architeture i386 (You need to add support for i386 since skype is only a 32 bit application)

apt-get upgrade (This ensures everything is up to date)

dpkg -i “skype-debian…..” (hit tab to complete it. Or type the entire file name out that you downloaded. )

If you have a error about un-met dependencies which occurred for me then run this command

apt-get install -f

Now run

dpkg -i “skype-debian…..”

After it is done installing you will find it in the Internet Folder ready to use.


Microsoft previews Windows 10 today

Microsoft will let the cat out of the bag today with new details about the next Windows operating system known as Windows 10 today.

Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 in September but is expected to share a lot more today which will be streamed at 9 am pacific time. Some of the expected speakers at the event include CEO Satya Nadella; Terry Myerson, Joe Belfiore and Phil Spencer.

Windows 10 will follow Windows 8 skipping the name Windows 9. We should be able to welcome back the missed and loved start menu which was torn away from Windows 8, which in my opinion lead to a lot of people not upgrading to Windows 8.

It is my hope Windows 10 will address many of the problems found and created in Windows 8.


Google Drive and Google Scanning


I’ve been scanning all my paperwork I have collected for YEARS so I could toss out the paper copies and go to digital copies for reference if I ever needed. I just looked up an old document I made on Google drive which happens to be the place I decided to store my scanned documents. Now these are PDFs but basically photos. No optical recognition used in the scan. Google parsed every PDF and used OCR on them because when I search for stuff some of those PDFs with matching words come up in the results. I tested a couple words that would only be in the PDFs scanned. Sure enough they came up. So that means Google is performing an index scan and using OCR technology to parse the files for relevant and useful information on anything you upload to Google Drive. In one way this concerns me, mostly because I didn’t know, though I should have assumed it. This as a side benefit that is really useful for me because I scanned over 2300 documents and didn’t title them or sort them (yet) so being able to search is very beneficial.